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We believe it is the best food that you can feed your pet.

BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetable and bone. The BARF DIET imitates what nature provides our dog's to flourish on in the wild. The end result is a dog free of allergies, digestion issues and full of vitality!

BARFWorld Raw Dog Food Products are processed through BARFWorld's shopping cart. This allows for faster processing and handling of their products which must often ship in special containers. They offer Auto-BARF which can save you on shipping costs on your products and qualifies you to receive special discounts and offers. We have been proud associates of BARFWorld since 2001. We highly recommend and use their products!

BARF Frozen Raw Patties

Barf Raw Diet Chicken Patties

Chicken is the leanest source of protein and highly recommended for dogs prone to weight issues. It also contains the lowest level of protein which is ideal for pets suffering from liver or kidney disease. Other important benefits your pet will receive from the Juicy Chicken Recipe are: -A low sodium diet. -High in potassium. -High levels of vitamin A.

Quantity represents a 6 lb. bag containing twelve 8-oz. fresh, frozen BARF Diet patties.

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BARF Raw Chicken Nuggets

BARF Frozen Raw Diet Chicken NuggetsThe Original BARF Diet Juicy Chicken Nuggets Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles for all stages of life. Each bag has 2lbs of 1inch yummy nuggets. It is the same complete and balanced formula as our popular Chicken Diet patties but in a convenient nugget shape.

Great for small and extra small mouths but even our big dogs love the size!

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BARF Diet Supplements

BARFWorld EBARF SupplementMother Nature has provided our dogs with an excellent defense against health problems and disease: their immune system. When stress, improper diet, chemical overload, and medication weaken their defense system, our best friend can use an immune-boosting supplement to help it in it's fight to stay healthy.

That's why dog mom and dads make sure to include E-BARF Plus as part of their daily diet.

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