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1Gail B. & Jett, San Diego

Best [money] I've ever spent! I was able to schedule our first private training session within 2 days of contacting them. John's Natural Dog Training uses a common-sense approach to dog training - no fear or intimidation and no shock collars! Our 10 week old puppy, Jett, was becoming a little terror with her teething, biting and jumping up on visitors. Jessica is our trainer and providend an amazing amount of information on dog behavior and dog psychology. Within 4 visits, Jett was better behaved and within 6 visits, she was obeying the commands of Heel, Sit, Down and Stay. I thought I knew a lot about dog behavior but Jessica spent as much time teaching (training) us how to react or not react to our puppy in order to discourage or praise her for her certain behaviors. I just can't say enough good things about John's Natural Dog Training - well worth the money!

2Andrea G. San Diego

We are so pleased with the helpfulness we have received from Jessica and John at John's Natural Dog Training. We were so impressed. They have continued to be extremely supportive through the entire puppy training process. We now have a 2 year old golden, and a 4 month old golden that are well behaved, can perform several commands (including sit, down, stay, and come) and are easy to have around. One more thing... Our two year old golden had developed some minor aggression issues that we were completely freaked out about. Jessica came to my house (and this is after my training package had expired) She volunteered to take a walk with me and my dog Zeke. John's natural dog training and would definitely recommend this team to anyone thinking of bringing a new puppy/dog into thei r home.


3Mark H. Rancho Santa Fe

My wife and I have used John's Natural Dog Training for two Golden Retrievers and are very satisfied. Our  most recent Golden worked with both Jessica as a puppy on one-on-one obedience training and with Denelle on training for the invisible fence that encircles our property. I was particularly pleased that Denelle taught my dog to respond to sounds and flags and did not purposefully shock him so that he could find out what it feels like. I also participated in a free weekly class that my dog loved. Regarding cost, clearly one-on-one training is more expensive, and maybe too expensive for some. But they come right to your house, on time and with new lessons every week. I liked that they often brought other dogs as distractions. All in all, I would highly recommend John Natural Dog Training to anyone with a dog they are interested in training.

4Mary & Tom C. Encinitas

My husband and I adopted an one year old shepard mix from the shelter. Even though the shelter told us he was dog friendly, he began acting aggressively on his leash around other dogs within weeks. It was really shamefull to have our neighbors avoiding us on the street. My vet recommended John's Natural Dog Training and 2 of my neighbors had also used him. After John's first visit, we felt relieved. Our dog was able to socialize on leash with John's dogs and he explained that our problems were all due to a fight or flight instinct. He showed us how to correct our dog with the leash without getting mad or frustrated. After a few months of private lessons, we attended our first group class. We were amazed at how well our dog did around dozens of different dogs of all breeds and sizes.  THANK YOU JOHN!!!  We will refer you to everyone who asks.

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