Our Private In-Home Training Programs

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In-home training is perhaps the best gift you can give your dog, yourself and your family.

Especially with young pups, these programs allow you to get started on training right away. Bringing a new puppy or dog home can be stressful for everyone - especially on your new family member. Getting off on the right foot is essential. Depending on your individual needs, you might want extensive training and class follow-up or just enough to get you started. You might not even be sure of what your short or long-term goals might be.

We have designed several packages to fit your needs. None of the packages expire so even if you need, or want to take a slower approach, we are confident one of our private training programs will fit the bill!

For an even more customizable and comprehensive training experience, we offer our K9 Personal Trainer Program. K9 PT »

We have several comprehensive In-home Packages to fit your needs!

JNDTC Platinum In-Home Program

Platinum Program Details »

Perfect for:

  • Owners with young pups
  • Rescues w/ behavioral issues
  • New/inexperienced owners
  • Families with young children
  • Owners wanting to obtain CGC or Therapy Dog Certification
  • Owners wanting to obtain AKC Obedience titles for their dogs
  • Dogs with aggression or socialization issues

JNDTC Gold In-home Program

Gold Program Details »

Perfect for:

  • Owners with pups, adolescent and older dogs
  • Rescued or older dogs with some behavioral issues
  • Re-fresher training with any dog
  • Families with older children/no children
  • Experienced dog owners with a new dog

JNDTC Silver In-home Program

Silver Program Details »

Perfect for:

  • Older dogs with no behavioral issues
  • Rescued dogs with few/no behavioral issues
  • Very experienced dog owners
  • Dogs already trained that just need a refresher course
  • Dogs suddenly experiencing housebreaking or other behavioral issues

JNDTC Bronze Program

Bronze Program Details »

Our Bronze Program is really an Unlimited Group Package. The Package gives you lifetime admission to our obedience classes. (does not included CGC.)

This package is designed for extremely experienced dog owners, owners who have done a Single Session with us or owners who have completed our Silver Program and would like more classes!